I don’t love you,Honey

26 Dec

Its been two weeks since you have been gone,oh I heard the honk of your car,who would miss that? Saw you alight ,I even watched as your driver struggled with suitcase after suitcase.I know my place,I should be down running into your arms,telling you how I missed you so,but why bother? you would be right up,and I could squeeze that in a simple sentence “Welcome home honey”.

I was at the shopping mall today,oh u knw how I love to shop.  Saw a cute little book about lovers,it costs less than your shaving cream and my nail kit,could have gotten it for you  but who am I kidding,you won’t read it to me and I won’t bother asking. There is a lovely lovers’ card here ,barely a thousand bucks,am dying to buy it but “Who is my lover?”

The fundraiser was beautiful,I know I was a sight to behold,what? With the diamonds and all,the lovely evening gown tailored just for me. You looked the part yourself,polished not forgetting that air of arrogance you have around business partners.Of course your choice automobile didn’t fail,I saw the stares and heard them whisper “they have it all” but in those four hours our hands didn’t touch,not once…. that is a luxury to us.

You are shocked I still buy lingerie,even though you don’t  know what I wear to bed.Am sure you wonder why I bother so much with fitness and working out,I won’t even show you the body.  I can dance on a pole,I can even do what that asian girl from that video did,oh I’m into role playing too, yes I could sound dirty but you don’t give passion I could work with. By the way boring sex don’t mean boring babies.

You caught me watching football today,I love it,always have,great now you knw after three years. Oh I go to the cinema too,yeah all those times I’d roll my eyes n say I need my space. I’d like to watch more movies at home but the site of u blabing bout how its a frivolity may tick me off. Yes honey, what do you enjoy doing?

I like the trips abroad,the SPA,the mansion, cars, life is good. I bet you think I can’t lead a simple life. Oh! But wat do u knw? There is a guy in my dreams, I would live in a shack with him but not you,no honey not you.

I love life,I love to play be silly,crazy,but all u see me do is frown and yell. I promise myself I would be nicer but how? Honey how, when I see you it weakens my resolve.

I’m a wonderful person if you get to know these sides of me, I wanna be good to you,I want to be better but its not happening. Sometimes I wish having a fat account could make these things easier but we all know “Money can’t buy  love” or do we? I ve to say the  financial security makes it all easier.Maybe someday I would learn but I know I am this me because “I don’t love you”.

By the way,I know you don’t try or bother with me because you know I am just a trophy wife, and those little ambitious things with perky boobs n fake accents,they excite you in way that I can’t or won’t bring myself to…………….We are victims of each other.


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