Everything i could be……

30 Dec

Heard this as child, “will the child you were be happy with the adult you become?” I remember laughing thinking “well who else could I become?”, of course I knew nothing of time, life’s paths and ultimately changes.
Seated after reading a travel magazine; the places…..the people, they seem so happy, so content. It brought me back to my early years. I was a very vibrant kid; bright (who wasn’t?), delightful, full of cheer and a lot of promises for the future. I wanted so much, not cars and mansions; I suppose that was in there somewhere but I wanted to do things. No, not start some kind of revolution or human movement. I wanted a life of excitement, learning, discovery…..
First up was travel; I was thoroughly fascinated by the knowledge that the world habited people of various races, languages and culture. I wanted to see the world’s people, learn its cultures, and taste its foods. There was the love of art; the idea that one could skillfully reproduce inanimate and even animate objects so colorfully, I would catch myself drawing from time to time. Music ah, I started early to listen to and even keep a collection of soul feeding music; singing in front of the mirror with dolls as my audience. Watching Michael and the Likes of Sammy Davis Jnr made the dancing a done deal. The oddest of them was the need to swim with dolphins; well maybe because it was described as one of life’s inexplicable experiences (by whom?).There was the car race dream too, oh my even horse riding……….
All these put together was supposed to groom me into becoming a “fast- paced -get-in-the-mix-get-my -hands-dirty-without -a -care “kind of person. How far? you would ask…….. Well, I have lived in the same city all my life. A few trips not mention worthy here and there. My language mastery is shit, I eat everything thankfully. I sing professionally now…… in my bathroom of course. The dancing? Well does shaking my ass in the club count? I have ridden horses; with great care and supervision. The pool where I swim doesn’t have tadpoles but I hear they are grooming the dolphins. The list of fails goes on…..
Personally, I like to think my person is no different now than as a kid, but who am I kidding. Well, the wit and charm aside, all I have is the edginess, and anger of youth. I do not jump in the middle of things; careful planning must take place. Even though I find time for the ridiculous every now and then, it’s different now.
So I cast another curious glance at the Magazine………….this madness must stop! I would never care for stocks or bonds, Human evolution, recycled energy, I don’t want to be president, heck I just want to go happily berserk, see what’s out there, be merry without cause (a voice in my head says alcohol can help) he he…..I know what I must do, tomorrow I would look up exciting places to go, pack light and……….*phone beeps* 1 new message, BOSS: we have an early meeting by 8am,DON’T BE LATE!!!


One Response to “Everything i could be……”

  1. ebuoe January 11, 2012 at 6:10 pm #

    Reminds me of coldplay’s paradise .. Nyc piece

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