Mental slavery

10 Jan

Stories of slavery and discrimination have been told again and again,yet I can tell that it was probably worse when it happened. I cannot begin to imagine what it must have been like in those times; the pain, the humiliation, the bruised ego of an entire race. Nothing could be worse.

Thankfully,we or should I say they (seeing as I am not African American),survived it and have become such a force to reckon with; CEO s, Media executives, Artistes, Business men…name it, the BLACK race has come a long way and continues to push boundaries to be more,and I’ve got to say it’s awesome. But like every wound,this one left it’s scar,oh well scars come in handy sometimes, as a reminder of your struggle, thus propelling you even further. Somehow though I have to ask,are their wounds really healed?

Personally I am proud of every achievement of the BLACK man, as they often say SUCCESS is the best Revenge, but isn’t there something wrong when for every big hit you go back to where it all began to say “look at me now”. Oh I have nothing against telling success stories, what I don’t get is why certain groups think its so important to scream it in the WHITE man’s face “we made it”. In case you are wondering where this came from, it is everywhere ,for every achievement they make you are sure to hear a speech that goes “I feel so proud,as a person of colour bla bla bla..” , On BET,Ebony magazines (I don’t even want to imagine what would happen if white folks got WET)???????

Its becoming tiring,all this talk about coming together…to do what? For who? Now it just seems like they are seeking their approval,their acceptance that they have evolved, NEWS FLASH: It won’t happen. As humans we have been engineered to cling to our own ,so no white man will ever show up saying “You guys are our equals”, and should it even matter what they think? The idea behind rising above is not even being able to see the opposition.

Black people (some) however,continue to look back,trying to prove a point. I’m so certain some white folks just roll their eyes n go “here we go again” at the sound of those speeches.I don’t deny that there’s still racism but it’s now a personal thing,and with so much enlightenment one can only be as limited as you let yourself be, no longer by someone’s definition of who you are.

I say it’s done, they are here,if nothing else OBAMA has proved it,they should stop being so thankful for every thing they get like its a privilege,celebrate your race because you are Strong and Beautiful,not because you want send a message, because they get it, oh they did that a long time ago


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