11 Jan

They sit backing each other, the room poorly lit, night as cold as death itself, and the deafening silence…….the clock ticks ever so slowly, yet bringing them to dawn; the supposed hour when it will finally be over and this misery would end, or would it?

“Perhaps I should tell him I’m sorry” she thought; “but for what? For living as I did in the past? Why God why”…..
“I should look past this; she is the best thing that’s happened to me, but then again what kind of woman lies with Bobby? BOBBY??? He threats them with so much disdain, how can I ever look at her the same”

Camille, he calls softly “we can’t miss the bus”, “oh, and if we do?” she giggles as he picks her up out of the house where friends awaited. It was a trip they had planned all summer. Holding hands all through the drive there amidst whispers and kisses. Everything went according to plan; it had to be the most magical trip of their lives. Finding love like this can only be a gift of the gods.

Like all good things though, it had to come to an end. Camille was no saint; the past wasn’t very good in picking it’s time to visit. Bobby and his relations with Camille in the back of his SUV was proof of this. It would have been much easier, but Bobby is Teni’s half brother with a notorious reputation for bagging ladies after a few minutes of cheap flattery. Of course it didn’t matter to Teni that this was over a year ago when Camille knew nothing of his existence and was living wild and free….

“Why oh why does he often stare into space like a moron”, Stella wonders. “Anyways it’s the twins’ 26th; we have to make it as remarkable as ever, besides Mikhail brings home his fiancé and her parents for the first time, this should be fun”.
“Ah, festivity, what a drag” Teni exclaims “but I have to do this for these kids”…

Teni observes the party thinking; “Such a wonderful turn out, everything is in place, wasn’t such a bad idea having a huge party “. “Yes there comes Mikhail with a delectable young lady and an older one in tow, something about her eyes”….
“Dad! Dad!” He screams, “This is her mum Mrs. Camille, funny right? Same name as my sister”.

Suddenly nothing else mattered; he just wanted to tell her he loved her, that a day didn’t pass without him missing her terribly, that his wife didn’t get his jokes, or enjoy the water like she did, that he spent years trying to replace her but couldn’t, that he made a huge mistake letting her go…………He looked at her from where he stood sharing a drink with her husband who says to him “I wouldn’t trade that woman for anything in the world”.

All these as she strokes her hair, exposing the rugby earrings he gave her thirty two years ago……..


2 Responses to “TIME…..FATE”

  1. Ayob Alariwo January 15, 2012 at 1:19 am #

    😦 My major fear abt breaking up or freeing gals 😦 *Shrugs* enjoyd the read… + she still had the earings of 32yrs ago *rme*

    • tolzzzz January 15, 2012 at 1:26 am #

      Thanks, yea some people r ancient like dat

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