21 Jan

"hey, focus on how much of a ladies man i am"

This piece was inspired by a very good bad friend of mine, who took a rather special interest in the 14 pound Lhasa that stays in my house. My conversation with him, made me realize how special Bailey is, thank you Kenny.

Bailey is a male Lhasa Apso, with white and cream hair covering on its rather tiny frame. About 9months old, it was taken away from its mum who resides outside the country. The events leading to Bailey’s residing with my family entails its owner’s move from his previous apartment. Seeing as we own a Mighty ass Caucasian (Raven), we are no strangers to dog rearing. What ought to have been a two day visit by Bailey turned to weeks, then months, and as it is I fear we may face custody issues in the near future.(LoL)

Like other Lhasas Bailey is a hardy dog with a friendly assertive manner. Eats small meals, hates to bathe, and is quite healthy. One would assume its small size makes it delicate or incapacitated but it’s however very active and fast. Intelligent, free spirited and devoted are amongst its other characteristics.

For me a preferable title for this post would have been “all creatures great and small’ this is because only awesome creation could have led to the beauty that’s bailey; In its early days at the house bailey was like every other dog, a little playful, cunning sometimes and moody the others, with time it however took on very unique characteristics….

First its warmness; Bailey found and held on to its favorite family members, all in varying degrees of likeness. I am its current favorite, hence you are sure to often see us together (yes, I remember my Paris Hilton/tinker bell bashing days). The interesting thing is its routine of welcoming us home, its gets so excited almost like it’s going to bust, tail wagging, jumping and biting, up until you acknowledge by picking it up. Now we assumed this will fizzle out with time but it’s been months and I sometimes have to dodge to avoid the drama.

As a painfully stubborn dog, certain moments with bailey can be quite hellish, however I have found it responds to one’s moods, like after several failed attempts at getting you to scream your head off, it wanders off in search of something or someone more exciting. This may not be a big deal, but add the fact that it knows and respect the concept of “lights out”, yes, if bailey is giving you hell, put out the light and off it goes to its corner.

Now waking up, is yet another routine in its own, depending on where it passes the night ,it’s usually up waiting to say good morning, yeah another round of annoying hugs and face licking. This is followed by what I will refer to as jobless survey of the house, I don’t know why it does this but it would go peering through the windows, well there is a lot going on out there, a dog needs to be in the know.

Of course this post would not be complete without introducing Raven, the crazy 140 pound Caucasian who isn’t to be fucked with but who Bailey continues to antagonize for fun. Seeing the difference in their sizes it’s always fun to watch as bailey uses the fact that Raven is chained to his advantage, taunting by stepping close and scratching its face then running for cover beneath the car. The thing is this is hardly ever fun and jokes for Raven who still has a hard time coming to terms with the little brat who has stolen the heart of everyone.

Perhaps many dog owners with dogs who have mastered quite a number of house routines and continue to be outstanding won’t be that impressed, but I will forever be in awe of Bailey as it without formal training of any sort continues to learn the oddest stuff and put them to the best use. From knowledge of the door bell and its use, to its instant uneasiness and continuous running back and forth until you have been alerted and make to answer the door. There is its rather funny gait standing on its hind legs by the water dispenser when thirsty. Also, its mastery of names and voices.

Yes, Bailey isn’t without flaws (not that you were thinking that). In fact sometimes I just want to strangle the little brat. Its idea of getting jiggy is biting in very sensitive spots. It continues to compare itself with humans and therefore insists on having its meals in the living room (by moving it there from whatever original location). It snores and burps, annoying thing. Oh then it ignores you at moments when it assumes you really don’t have anything relevant to say, which usually is a right assumption.

Truly Bailey is amazing but the most awesome thing about bailey is its relationship with humans. With so much energy to fool around you would think it makes friends speedily, this is in fact not the case. It selects its friends, and believes it’s a No-No for all guys at first, big no for odd looking ladies (odd to bailey is mighty features). For we that are family it’s amazing how it stays excited spending time with us. I saw the movie “Hachiko” about a year ago, a true story about a dog who awaited the return of his owner for ten years at the train station, where they used to meet before he died of a heart attack, amazing story. Bailey may not be capable of this, but words can’t describe the feeling I get everyday once I get home and it’s waiting, wagging its tail, jumping, happy to see me.


One Response to “BAILEY”

  1. Dhamyhan January 21, 2012 at 7:30 pm #

    Very good bad guy eh?….*blushes*…..the fact that it likes eating in the dining is jst all forms of hilarious,and I thnk with a bit of work u can teach it to work the dispenser…….you forgot to add the hump incidents tho……:)

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