Six Inch Heels

24 Jan

Often times I hear guys marvel and even complain about women putting comfort aside,in d vain to be sexy. To that i will have to agree, comfort should come first,oh what i (or maybe we)would give to pour water over our heads whenever, throw on pants, tee shirt and go, not have to do powdering, make up and still be hot, go dancing in flats……be basic,yeah we would luv dat.

We however aren’t guys,and well dat means we were engineered differently,to embrace our silly painstaking routine,be complex and somewhat petty.All these things put together make us who we are, a scheming compassionate lot, that you cannot do without because when you really think bout it ,these little things means we have a longer attention span and would care about all the things you take for granted, make a big fuss over a situation, bring life and sanity to your careless unfeeling mess.

This isnt ‘battle of d sexes’ as i can bet some smart person is about to jump on this piece and launch into some power argument as to why dudes are better bla bla bla…well, i love that guys are guys,in fact i do envy a lot about being a dude,ah the freedom,the ability to..nah I won’t go into how awesome being a guy can be. In fact that is a myth jor,guys are just guys. (he he, hating female they will say).

In times past and even now we continue to take hits for all the seeming frivolities we care about. jewelry, clothing, hair (ah the issues Brazilian hair don cause),everything. Tagged as either fake or trying too hard,the justification of these argument by guys often being that natural beauty outshines any glitz or glamour of the modern woman. To which i would like to ask the question; what is the exact measure of natural beauty? remaining just as you were born with no alteration of any sort? or good grooming with the exception of make-up? Aha…

In all honesty it would be good to wake up looking like a Grecian goddess,and be able to prance about without a care yet catching the eyes of on-lookers. I fear I may have deviated from the issue at hand,but can one speak of the women folk without delving into a lot of things?

"yessss,I knew I would stand for hours today but i just had to wear these..."


I guess this is the deal; this is who we are,needless as some things may seem, as incomprehensible and annoyingly tasking not to mention ridiculously expensive,we would continue to pursue them. I for one love the things that make me woman and even though my heels hurt atimes,i bear it because i feel higher(not taller) with them and get a release only the vain woman mind can comprehend………by the way i dont own any six inch shoes.


4 Responses to “Six Inch Heels”

  1. dhamyhan January 25, 2012 at 8:49 am #

    Vain Wormtongued Sexist Mofo….-___- LOL just kidding,Enlightening Post as always,not like my underdeveloped Male mind that comprehend how you women think…..I’ll disagree though,the heightened sophistication that comes with ‘the Extras’ in my opinion makes a woman less aesthetically pleasing but then again what do I know. :). And you forgot that other awesome gift we have,the gift to aim :p #EcanPain.

    • tolzzzz January 25, 2012 at 4:19 pm #

      Yes,yes,yes coming here to finish me with your big words, Mr”i invented the word awesome”. thank you.

  2. ebuoe February 2, 2012 at 3:28 pm #

    Well I’m a guy I shldnt b takn pills 4 ur headache .. As a matter of fact .. I luv u guyz wit d “extras” 4 u tolu I knw y u put up wit d stress of walkn in heels .. Cus of ur excess height .. Oda wise u r beta off adoptn d celestial fashion trend .. -___-

    • tolzzzz February 3, 2012 at 9:55 am #

      Hehehehehehe Agbaya.

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