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14 Feb

This Post is dedicated to Bisi,a dear friend who died years back. Lovely, vivacious, wanted so much out of life,I thought she would never die, how naive of me…….

I now make jokes about dying,this has nothing to do with my fear of death or even taking it lightly. It stems more from my Awe of it. Yes, I am a tad intrigued by the art of dying, did I just refer to it as art?

Well, I hear about how amazing new life is (I have no kids) yet I have no doubt, but its another life. That’s the thing; I don’t know what its like to be conceived,to be born,to be a miniature being, but when I die…..

Yes,”when I die…when we die” Death is a reality we all close our eyes to even though we know it will come today,tomorrow,any day. Of course its never a welcome development, except if you are a Methuselah or one of them original Vampires bored out of their minds (if myths are anything to go by). However it is one of life’s realest realities, I mean the odds that you would die is what? 1,000,000 out of 1,000,000???

Sometimes I wonder about it,I however try not to bother with theories of the After-Life as that is just too much worries for one person. But I ask myself,”would I be ready at my time”? The natural answer to that would be No, but maybe just maybe in those last moments when my life flashes before my eyes and promises of something better shows,I would want to die…

Perhaps the hardest part is the unfulfilled dreams,maybe not leaving the right legacy, of course there is also the many broken hearts I would leave behind. Yes dying is very hard but in my mind’s eyes it doesn’t seem like the worst feat known to mankind.

Then again it is pertinent to consider how one dies; I’d hate to be brutally murdered,my body desecrated, even worse would be me begging for my life before its taken by a mere mortal like myself that has chance and arms to his/her advantage.

I can’t say what would be the best way to die,or what timing would be immaculate. Hell I don’t want to die,yet I don’t want to live forever (the issue of immortality is story for another time). I just know I’d like to know; to feel it,to know soon I would stop playing this role, the music would stop, and all that would be left is Static……

NB: I hope for the life of me,I won’t cough like they do in Nollywood movies while dying, and God please the life flashing before one’s eyes in slow motion better be true, I ve picked a song for my moment 🙂



3 Feb

I have struggled with this particular thought for months now, perhaps my refusal to write on it has to do with the fact that I wanted to feel less guilt. However I thought about it yet again tonight and it hit me, I have nothing to feel guilty or ashamed of.

Having gotten round various characters in the last few months via all sorts of social sites/media I have come to learn a lot about wanting/craving acceptance or thirst like some people call it.
It would seem to many that this is a loser’s path ; pursuing validation from others,wanting to be heard,seeking approval, but is it? Really?

In the 1993 Best seller Movie “Indecent Proposal” there is a scene with a quote; “…even a brick wants to be more” . Tell me,how much more humans? Everyone of us wants acceptance ( not necessarily in a conforming sense)but we all like to be thought of as right (of course in our own way). We want people to marvel at the things we do or say. Hang on to our words and look to us for some sort of guidance. How then have we come to label a certain group thirsty?

First time I came across the word,I could have sworn the lady in question was said to be in need of water/a drink. I have since over come my last carrying ,did learn about this disease and even know the patterns. It starts by seeking cool people or whoever you perceive so out, hounding n frustrating them with your below par wit. Following up on everything they do, taking hits for them or in some extreme cases,doing a one-man army using the help of your assets. *insert nude picture here*.

So it seems if you aren’t part of the in-crowd, any overly conscious effort to get yourself out there is perceived with suspicion and scorn. You’d be minding your business(which is tied to other people’s business) trying to know wazzup and one yeye person would call you thirsty

Well, in my opinion everyone of us enjoy and require a certain measure of validation, whether from people we know or total strangers. The difference however lies in our varying sense of self worth and the lengths we are willing to go for acknowledgment.
To be honest, its never a bad feeling when people say to me “tolu I would give my arm to…..” Ok ok, I like being rated and this is in fact a thirsty note to get me out there. Please ask your cool friends to read it and talk about me. 😀

What’s love got to do with it?

2 Feb

Its here again,that time of the year when all people talk about is love. Love this ,love that, ‘love in the air’ err,what love?
You know, of all holidays(its not even a holiday) this is by far the most pretentious and oh! my least favorite(no boyfriend is allowed to quote me ever).
Let’s start with the fact that love isn’t in any air . All you have is guys(poor fellows) under pressure and girls with huge expectations(most of which would come crashing)forgive my chronic pessimism.
People infect you with talks about it,then if you don’t have a partner you want to get one,and if you do you most likely wanna have ‘them’ changed.
For the guys,’she’ doesn’t give much but wants all,wait is she even aware there is no such thing as val’s day bonus? As for ladies,you automatically expect your man who can’t compliment a hair cut on a good day to become Romeo and bring roses while singing a Celine Dion classic.
No gift is good enough because someone else has a bigger one,and the bigger the gift,the more the love abi?. There is the more advanced team,who just think “its valentine he may propose or at least take it to the next level” or “finally she would give it up”.
well,maybe its just me but if its such a great holiday,why doesn’t it change us?we all go back to our old grumpy selves and that is in less than 24hrs(sorry honey i loved you more yesterday).
It is however fun to watch,those who get their happy ending or what they think to be so. Those who struggle through d day,and those who get real disappointed. Me? I will still put on red grinning from ear to ear as I await those presents that never come… G wagon anyone.