What’s love got to do with it?

2 Feb

Its here again,that time of the year when all people talk about is love. Love this ,love that, ‘love in the air’ err,what love?
You know, of all holidays(its not even a holiday) this is by far the most pretentious and oh! my least favorite(no boyfriend is allowed to quote me ever).
Let’s start with the fact that love isn’t in any air . All you have is guys(poor fellows) under pressure and girls with huge expectations(most of which would come crashing)forgive my chronic pessimism.
People infect you with talks about it,then if you don’t have a partner you want to get one,and if you do you most likely wanna have ‘them’ changed.
For the guys,’she’ doesn’t give much but wants all,wait is she even aware there is no such thing as val’s day bonus? As for ladies,you automatically expect your man who can’t compliment a hair cut on a good day to become Romeo and bring roses while singing a Celine Dion classic.
No gift is good enough because someone else has a bigger one,and the bigger the gift,the more the love abi?. There is the more advanced team,who just think “its valentine he may propose or at least take it to the next level” or “finally she would give it up”.
well,maybe its just me but if its such a great holiday,why doesn’t it change us?we all go back to our old grumpy selves and that is in less than 24hrs(sorry honey i loved you more yesterday).
It is however fun to watch,those who get their happy ending or what they think to be so. Those who struggle through d day,and those who get real disappointed. Me? I will still put on red grinning from ear to ear as I await those presents that never come… G wagon anyone.


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