Where is your faith?

26 Mar

I would start by saying I am not an overly religious person, I go to church, I believe in God, and hope to have a better relationship with him. I am often sure to keep my thoughts to myself when it comes to popular issues that make the rounds ,but this is very different, hard as I tried to ignore this it kept tugging at my sleeves, so my thoughts ;

It didn’t come as a shock when on twitter, people were airing their views on news about a certain Dominion airplane soon to open for business, owned by pastor and founder of the living faith ministries Bishop David Oyedepo. Already there have been past debates over his acquiring of private jets, running of expensive private schools and so on. A good majority seemed angered by the situation, questioning it in accordance with certain doctrines that involved meekness and the rest, but there were still the others who felt the church has finally reached its God given potential and is taking what’s rightfully its’, also that the Bishop is an astute business man. There were also the onlookers who I’m safe to assume didn’t comment because “the anointed of God is not to be touched”. 

All very interesting if you ask me, so we have what would ordinarily have been a case of enriching one’s self with office funds (if u remove the tag Bishop and look at him as say, a legislator), but we can’t see it that way because, yes because what? That is actually the bone of contention here………

I really won’t concern myself with the airline, schools and what have you, because all that will continue to happen unless one understands the root cause of this situation (we won’t call it a problem yet). As an ardent church goer and practical human I find myself often studying the attitude of other church goers and in spite of all the wonderful things in the environment, one of the things I’ve picked up is the never ending search for miracles. Yes, its common place to find the broken in spirit, down cast, the lonely, the financially desolate, the sick, the grief stricken…….all looking to a miracle. This is not to suggest that the church is littered with sad desperate people but if you look in the hearts of many, they are searching for something….Miracles.

Early teachings of Christ showed us a lot of miracles, from the turning of water to wine, to feeding of 5 thousand, healing the sick and even raising the dead. However the same doctrines showed us examples of men who clinged to Christ in time of despair, not having miracles in time but hoping nonetheless. I think the lesson here is, in God we have a father who is willing to provide all our needs, but again our faith shouldn’t be hinged on what we get ,am guessing its in this vain the quote “Man shall not live by bread alone……. “.  The church seems to have gone far away from that place where faith was about the peace that cometh’s from loving the lord, now we all want something in exchange; it is in this bid we feel a great need for an intercessor (Enter church overseers). Forgetting the voice of reason which goes “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” we look to mortals like ourselves bearing our widow’s might in the hope for prosperity.

I do not advocate people not paying tithes and offerings, i just believe if modern day churches are a family like they so often like to proclaim then everybody should be carried along. Its rather funny that a people who preach love, selflessness, sharing and what have you would allow themselves to be led by one who puts business concerns before the welfare of his brethren. If you are of the opinion that such leaders are astute businessmen and prosperity has come to the church please ask yourself why Jesus who had the power at his disposal didn’t uses to amass wealth for himself while preaching prosperity. It may be your take that giving generously is amongst the teachings of Christ but then what cause are you giving to honestly?

With the little knowledge I have I would like to point out a few things we should consider guiding ourselves with:

1.   The tenth commandment: “thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s goods”

2.   The 3rd beatitude: “blessed are the meek, they shall inherit the earth”

3.   The 4th beatitude: “blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, they will          

      be   satisfied”

The usefulness of the bible comes in handy every day and in every aspect of our lives, of course it’s not enough to just read, one has to have a deeper meaning of it. Then again we must know that like everything in life not all quotes are suitable for every moment. It would be really nice to read stories of huge charities carried out by big churches, free education, health care and the rest, after all Christianity showed the most exemplary love of one’s neighbor when Christ gave his life for Us, what then are material things?



2 Responses to “Where is your faith?”

  1. ebuoe March 26, 2012 at 9:28 pm #

    amazed!!!! is an understatement here … dis is quite interesting , n i tink u hv bin ignoring ur calln 4 long.. yes u were born to be an evangelist *if u lyk yimu*.. nw 2 d issue @ hand..

    ebuka is no saint n i really lyk to thread carefully wen it cums to issues lyk dis,unfortunately wen i heard the gist ,only stupid jokes creeped into ma head,which i did nt let out of cus,bt as a “gud xtian” here is my take on d issue..

    while der r no xamples of business savvy ministers who had sweggs in d bible , i tink it is ok if the church not an individual own all dis properties to further the growth of the kingdom , bt if he is d owner or ,me i dnt knw n really i dnt wnt to find out ,but honestly der r sum tins dt jst make u go O_O??

  2. Ryo Minkail March 27, 2012 at 6:26 am #

    Issue on ground well addressed. Like most pple, you still digressed from the point bcos you don’t “want to touch the annoited”. Can someone help me with the list of businesses the Bishop is into cos I’ll like to buy me a private jet someday. 😀

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